Whose responsibility is it to improve public health?

Vivek Murthy • DECEMBER 15, 2015

Vivek Murthy, the 19th Surgeon General of the United States, describes how he views the field of public health and how he sees the role of the Surgeon General. Murthy argues that public health should not be an isolated field of scientific study, but rather a field that attempts to bring broad awareness about healthy living to citizens. Health, according to Murthy, fuels all of mankind's other accomplishments. Every part of our society has a role to play in improving health, and public health leaders have a responsibility to help people to understand this. Public health priorities include improving physical activity, nutrition, vaccines, and emotional well-being. Public health leaders should explore new strategies to communicate the importance of these areas and enlist new messengers to raise awareness. According to Murthy, the United States needs to become a country that is as good as preventing disease as it is treating it.

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