What should we do about Ebola?

Samuel Stanley • NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Samuel Stanley of Stony Brook University explains the nature of the Ebola virus. According to Stanley, our progress against infectious diseases has been uneven. In the 1960s, scientists thought they had won the war against such diseases. That view, however, turned out to be wrong. Stanley argues that diseases that are more mutable than previously understood. The proper response to the current Ebola outbreak is to follow basic epidemiological protocol: identify the cases, isolate the cases, and isolate the contacts. Stanley believes that the U.S. should provide more international support, including supplies, protective gear, and personnel. Stanley praises the NIH and DOD, who have developed drugs such as Z-Mapp and TKM-Ebola and have more drugs in the development pipeline. According to Stanley, federal research support is critical.

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