Does Obamacare really help Millennials?

Rituparna Basu • SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Rituparna Basu of the Ayn Rand Institute examines the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, with a particular emphasis on how it affects members of the Millennial Generation. According to Basu, Obamacare is predicated on the idea that there exists a duty for some people (e.g., younger, healthier people) to pay the medical bills of other people (e.g., older, sicker people). However, such a social arrangement, she argues, is antithetical to life, which requires that one be able to live and act freely in accordance with one's values. She argues that the degree to which the government forces individuals to spend money on things other than that which they desire is the degree to which our lives are inhibited, not helped.

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