Should more states consider single-payer?

Gerald Friedman • MAY 5, 2015

Gerald Friedman of the University of Massachusetts Amherst argues that healthcare is not a regular economic good or service. According to Friedman, attempts in the United States to use markets in healthcare have created waste, disparities, and poor outcomes. Americans who do not have health insurance lack the access they need to healthcare, and those who do have health insurance are too burdened by co-pays, deductibles, and cost-sharing to make effective use of it. Friedman suggests that states that are interested in single payer should lead the way on reform. He notes that starting in 2017, states can implement their own alternatives to the ACA, provided they cover the same number of people and at no additional expense. Over time, Friedman believes that single-payer healthcare would eliminate excessive costs related to administration, drugs, and medical devices.

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