Donald Berwick, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), discusses the Affordable Care Act, which he calls a landmark piece of legislation. According to Berwick, the ACA answers the needs of over 32 million Americans, including people who will be able to obtain health insurance who otherwise would not have been able to obtain it, young people who can remain covered on their parent's policy through age 26, and small business who will receive subsidies. The ACA, says Berwick, is an answer to the problem of healthcare security. According to Berwick, the first phase of health reform is ensuring that people get coverage for care, and the second phase is changing what "care" is and how it is delivered, so that it can be delivered sustainably. Berwick says CMS will work with stakeholders who are invested in bringing about his vision of change, and warns against working with "inauthentic" stakeholders who adopt the language of reform but whose actual goal is to preserve the status quo.

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