Should Cannabis be legalized for medical use?

Donald Abrams

Donald Abrams of the University of California San Francisco examines the state of the evidence surrounding the medical use of Cannabis,...

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Are drug prices justified?

Peter Bach

Peter Bach of the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses the peculiarities in the...

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Is single-payer healthcare a viable alternative?

David Himmelstein

David Himmelstein of the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College offers a look at the unresolved problems of the American healthcare...

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Are genetically engineered foods safe?

Amanda Maxham

Amanda Maxham of the Ayn Rand Institute examines the risks and benefits associated with genetically engineered foods. Maxham argues...

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How should the King v Burwell case be decided?

Sara Rosenbaum

Sara Rosenbaum of George Washington University addresses a set of questions about the King v. Burwell case that is currently being...

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